About us

I’m Geoff, owner here at Ziller. I searched through the archives to bring you this introduction to Ziller Electric!


The Beginning

Ziller Electric had a very humble beginning in February of 1985. Sometimes I wonder “what were we thinking!” Four kids: Guy, Jayne, Lisa and I deciding to give it a try. We were afraid, but had confidence and trust in one another. We knew how hard we were willing to work to succeed. Guy and I both had experience in the fueling industry. We were skilled at providing all electrical services necessary for gas station operation. We had 2 trucks (when they both ran!) and worked out of Guy and Jayne’s garage in Clarkston, MI. The girls both worked in our office in Guy and Jayne’s basement on lunch tables! In 1986 we were able to build a pole barn on their property. Our first milestone: Jayne being able to park in her garage!! We operated in the pole barn and basement on their property until 1995.


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In 1995 we got the word from Guy: “GET OUT!” No shotgun or anything but he said it was time for us to go! Ziller had grown to a point where Guy and Jayne had lost their home and property to the business. We needed to give them their personal life back. So we bought a building in Orion, Mi. No more naps for me in their basement!! We built offices and moved Ziller in. We continue to operate Ziller in the same building here in Orion today.

Guy and Jayne retired in 2006. Lisa and I moved onward with Ziller. We were just too tired to continue on our own! We brought in two Key employees to share in ownership. Paul and Jesse took ownership with us. I’m guessing they also sometimes exclaim “what were we thinking!”


Electrical Contracting

Paul and Jesse are currently in charge of Electrical Contracting operations. We chose to take the contracting division of Ziller in a “younger stronger smarter” direction! I’ve got shoes older than they are! Today we continue to be actively involved in the fueling industry. Working for companies such as Speedway Super America, Costco, Kroger, Meijer, and a host of General Contractors. We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built in this industry. Ziller today continues to be one of the “go to” electrical contractors in Michigan.


ziller electrical contracting electrical contractors michigan


Voice and Data Services

2006 was a busy time for Ziller as we also added an IT division to our skill set. Another “just do it and figure it out” moment! We are involved in a host of different activities. Phones, work stations, card readers, gate keepers, turnstile entry systems, security monitoring, camera systems, line testing/certification, and fiber optics installation/repair.


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Commercial & Residential Generators

The Northeast blackout of 2003 prompted us to enter the home standby generator market. We had a lot to learn and committed ourselves to doing so. They drug me along kicking and screaming! We became the generator provider and installer for one of the nationwide “Big Box” retailers. During this time we spent in that arena we grew our generator business, reputation and reach. We became a Premier dealer with Generac Power Systems. A title awarded to us by Generac Power Systems due to our sales volume and our commitment to service and warranty. In 2008 we decided to move on from “Big Box” and go our own way. We enjoyed our relationship with them, however it was time for us to do our own thing.

2005 was our year to venture into internet sales. We built our first website and jumped in head first. Our internet division is run by Chris and I. Chris takes care of parts, service, and tech support. . I handle most of the design and sales. We help and support each other to manage all our customer’s needs. Ok I’ll be honest, mostly Chris helping me!

We built a Generac Interactive Customer Forum in 2007. Access is available from this website. Chris and I are both involved in moderating with a group of others. Why do I keep doing that!? Mostly Chris with me chipping in! We encourage you to take a look and join absolutely free. Over 3,500 members and over 35,000 posts. We have amassed a great group of customers and Generac dealers. We help each other by discussing problems and solutions. We spend a lot of time answering questions for Generac owners. I’m amazed every day all the wonderful, like-minded, really smart people we have brought together. “Build it and they will come!”


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The Present

Lisa now has a great group of girls that work with her. Melinda, Kim, Beth, Tammy keep our office running smoothly. I often tease that if you had the chance to listen in, you would wonder if I work for them or they work for me! They keep me going in the right direction and I don’t know what I would do without them. They know it too! Just ask them! They are waiting to take your call and help you any way they can. Put them to the test! They are friendly, accommodating, and quite sharp!

Ziller is proud to be “The Little Engine That Could” in a large and diverse internet world. A lot of lumps and bruises along the way, but we have established ourselves. We are very humbled to be included as part of today’s market. We are so very pleased and thankful for the relationship we have created with Generac Power Systems. We are honored to be considered one of their Premier Dealers.

Those 4 kids in 1985 could never have imagined what Ziller has become! I’m humbled at the thought.

If you have made it this far you’re a trooper! I want to thank you for getting to know us at Ziller! We hope to get to know you as well!

We are thrilled and honored at you considering us for your generator needs!

Take Good Care! God Bless!