Generac All New Guardian Series Automatic Standby Generators



Introducing the 2021 Generac Guardian Series of home standby generators.


  • Featuring the best-selling 22kW model 70433 and brand new models: 14kW model 7225; 18kW model 7228; 24kW model 7210. All come with 200A SE rated whole house transfer switches!
  • Generac Guardian Automatic home standby generators are the latest technology from Generac! Completely re-designed, Generac listened to their customers and has produced a user-friendly, installer-friendly, Air-Cooled generator that will fit every install need!
  • Sizes ranging from 10kW up to 24kW
  • Can be ordered with a Generac Automatic Transfer Switch for both whole house or selected circuit options.
  • Larger Guardian Air-Cooled generators are able to run central air conditioning with ease, in some cases even multiple units!
  • Designed to keep installation costs lower for the end user.
  • Features such as integrated fuel sediment traps, all aluminum enclosures, removable end panels and integrated wiring terminals make these units MUCH easier on you and your installer.
  • The Generac Guardian Series of generators feature the same robust Evolution controller and Generac G-Force engines.
  • These units can be installed within 18" of buildings provided local codes are met.
  • A full line of accessories including options for extreme cold weather.

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