Generac Cold Weather Kits

Generac Cold Weather Kits

Generac Cold Weather Kits and Extreme Cold Weather Kits are essential to keeping your generator running in the coldest of climates!

Air-Cooled kits are available for 2008 model year generators through the current model line. The engine heater slips easily over the oil filter, so a Generac filter is required.  The kits come with the wiring and connectors needed for your Generac Air-Cooled generator. Some previous models came with connectors for the cold weather kits already installed, in which case, these are plug-and-play!  Generac recommends that Synthetic 5W-30 oil be installed with any of the Cold Weather Accessories!

For Generac liquid cooled units there are two options.  The Cold Weather Kit and the Extreme Cold Weather Kit.  These kits require that Synthetic 5W-30 oil be installed for best performance!

The Cold Weather Kit includes a battery warmer wrap which is thermostatically controlled to maintain battery temperature in even the coldest weather.

The Extreme Cold Weather Kit includes a thermostat controlled engine block heater and all necessary hardware and fittings to install it. They are designed to be used in addition to the Cold Weather Kit. These kits are made to ensure that your generator performs at its best in the harshest of cold weather conditions! There are step by step instructions included.  Generac recommends that you have an Authorized Generac Dealer install this kit.  

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