View Full Version : Voltage regulator terminal diagram

October 25th, 2010, 09:39 PM
Anyone have a terminal diagram for a Generac 67680 voltage regulator? Like the one on this link:


I've searched the internet but just haven't come across it yet. Thanks for any help you can offer.

October 27th, 2010, 06:03 AM
I honestly don't think ou'll find one, they should be Harness mount. The diagnostics book will tell you each wire throughout the entire book

October 27th, 2010, 04:12 PM
pin 1 to wire # 1
pin 2 to wire 162
pin 3 to wire 89 /S16
pin 4 to wire 4
pin 5 to wire S15
pin 6 to wire 6

Hope this helps